Q. I'm not married... Who are the workshops for?

Anyone who wants to develop stronger communication, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. You can be single, married, dating, divorced or separated to participate- regardless of sexual orientation or age (over 19 or with guardian approval). We offer workshops for couples, teams, businesses and individuals- we can even tailor make a workshop for almost anyone.

Q. Are groups confidential?

A. Absolutely. At the beginning of every workshop confidentiality contracts are signed. What is said in group, stays in group. The safety and security of all participants is paramount. Once groups begin, we do not introduce new participants. We may have guest speakers come in to speak on specific topics who are guided by the same principles of confidentiality.

Q. I've never participated in a group before and am nervous, what can I expect?

A. We keep our groups very casual. We like to keep our groups small (10-12 people) so that we can maximize quality of delivery. These groups are not therapy sessions, they are opportunities to learn and grow together. We bring humour and an open attitude to the groups so participants have an opportunity to feel relaxed and be authentic.

Groups are set up in a meeting space with refreshments and access to a washroom. If at anytime you do not feel comfortable, one of us is available for support. There are many engaging group exercises which are all optional to participate in. Do what you are comfortable with.

Q. What can I expect to learn?

A. Our learning objectives:

  • Develop strategies for building and maintaining relationships
  • Develop effective two-way communication
  • Listen for understanding
  • Use nonverbal communication to express interest and demonstrate active engagement
  • Use nonviolent communication methods
  • Listen effectively to ensure messages have been received as intended
  • Develop tools that enhance self awareness and self confidence
  • Use the awareness wheel 
  • Use strategies for self management and grounding
  • Identify barriers to communication and strategies to overcome them
  • Develop mindfulness based coping behaviours
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and awareness
  • Identify and manage emotional triggers
  • Make a distinction between passive/aggressive and assertive behaviour

Q. Are same-sex couples welcome?

A. Yes. Anyone who wants to improve communication, self awareness and emotional intelligence is welcome.

Q. What is included in the price?

A. The price of the workshop includes a workbook (each session you are given a new unit to add to your workbook), personal journal, refreshments, resources and referrals and free e-mail followups while you are participating in group.

Q. What is the structure of the workshop?

A. We use a group facilitation workshop which uses blended learning. Mixed media, videos, education, journaling, creative expression, and exercises are provided to practice the tools being taught. The workshop is facilitated by an experienced male and female team.