We have found that many core issues in relationships, whether they be intimate or professional, come down to communication and self-awareness.

We provide communication workshop facilitation for couples, individuals, teams and businesses.

We offer unique workshops designed to fit the needs of the participants.

For example: 1 day workshops, weekend workshops, 6 - 8 week group sessions and guest speaking/lecture.

All workshops are delivered from a trauma informed and culturally sensitive approach.


Communication: the meaning

communication (n.) 

Stems from Latin communicationem "to share, divide out; communicate, impart, inform; join, unite, participate in," literally "to make common."  

Webster defines communication as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. To effectively communicate, we must first share commonalities. This may be an understanding of language and behaviours, for example.



facilitate (v.) 

Originates in the 1610s, "make easy, render less difficult," from French faciliter "to render easy," from stem of Latin facilis "easy" (see facile). 

Webster defines facilitation as to make easier :  help bring about. Our job is to make the concepts of communication and connection easy for you to understand and implement.




Counsel. We do not offer marriage counselling, or a promise to save relationships. We facilitate concepts and tools that are up to you to apply and offer support for that process. If, after you have experienced a workshop and you feel you need more support or have issues that have come up and feel the need to work through them, we can offer referrals to some pretty awesome local counselors.  Those whom are close to us are generally those that can trigger us the most. Although we work through a trauma informed lens, we do not offer trauma counselling. 

To be a good communicator, we need to be able to own what is ours and by that we mean owning our baggage, our history and our own emotions. 

If you are suffering from an addiction, we recommend that be addressed before engaging in a communication workshop.